Alphabet of friendship with you – Concluding remarks

Concluding Remarks for the “Alphabet of Friendship with You”

In these closing words, let us strengthen our bond with you, O Imam, by embracing the 26 illuminating sentences from the alphabet, a gift bestowed upon us by the two weighty entities of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his holy progeny). His repeated assurance that “as long as you adhere to Both, you will never go astray after my departure”(3) resonates in our hearts.

At a time when the earth is “filled with oppression and tyranny,”(11) we aspire to deepen our connection with you. Acknowledging you as the “Promise”(17) of Allah throughout history, we trace your name across divine scriptures—from the Psalms of David and Daniel’s script to the New Testament and the Holy Qur’an.

You are Allah’s Promise to those “who believe and do righteous deeds.”(17) Allah promises to “make them leaders and inheritors,”(24) ensuring that “they (the believers) worship Allah and will not associate anything with Him.”(17) We firmly believe that your truth will prevail, and falsehood will ultimately perish, as “falsehood is bound to vanish.”(18) With you, Allah will fulfil the promise to “fill the earth with justice and fairness, just as it was filled with oppression and tyranny.”(11)

Moreover, if we pass away without recognising you, O Imam of our time, our death would be akin to “the death of one belonging to Jahiliyyah,”(12) reminiscent of the pre-Islamic era’s idol worshipers. We earnestly seek your introduction to enlighten and guide us, for you are the “shining light and a guiding star in the darkness”(13) of our lives. We acknowledge that you are “far from reach of hands and eyes”(14) and resemble the “rising sun, magnificently dazzling the world”(14) with your radiant light.

“Indeed, there is no one who can overcome”(10) you, “and those who are facing” you, “won’t be assisted.” (10) Please help us to overcome our ego, which, in its hubris becomes the enemy of our intellect(6)—the only internal light guiding us on your path. Additionally, kindly assist us in overcoming Satan, who, with his whispers and attractions, has led us astray from your path.

We are aware that you had conveyed to Sheikh Mufid that nothing keeps us far from you, “except the unpleasant actions,”(23) of which you are aware. Please aid us in overcoming these barriers, as you are “the pure water for the thirsty, a guide of guidance, and a saviour from evil.”(16)

We acknowledge that when you reappear, you will not only conquer the world but also the hearts of your followers. “Allah will remove weakness from the Shi’a, and He will make their hearts as strong as iron’s core.”(25) Despite being in occultation, you have mentioned, “benefiting from me during my occultation is like benefiting from the sun when the clouds veil it from sight.”(8) Your father, Amir al-Mu’minin Ali ibn abi Talib (peace be upon him), affirmed that even in occultation, “your knowledge and manners will be firmly set within the hearts of the believers, and they will act upon them.”(22)

Therefore, as the “last of the Successors”(5), we implore you to keep us steadfast on your straight path during this dark time of occultation and illuminate our hearts, so we can stand firm and remain guided on your path. We know that it is because of you that “Allah divinely averts affliction”(5) from us, and your care goes beyond providing guidance; you are our “compassionate father,” (2),(7) looking after us like an “affable companion,” (2) a “close and intimate brother,” (2) and a “righteous mother to a little infant.”(2)

Who are we to stand in the presence of such a profound commitment as articulated by Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him), who declared, “Should I encounter him (Imam Mahdi, peace be upon him), I would dedicate my entire life in service to him”(21)? The enormity of this statement escapes our full comprehension, yet we recognise the divine blessing bestowed upon us to have been placed in the era we fondly refer to as the time of your leadership, Imam of our Time.

In contemplating Imam Sadiq’s (peace be upon him) unwavering dedication to serve you, we find ourselves at a loss for words, overwhelmed by a sense of embarrassment for the inadvertent neglect of our duties towards you. It is a privilege and a profound responsibility to exist in a time so significant, as underscored by Imam Sadiq’s (peace be upon him) devoted commitment.

Despite your call to our ancestors to “pray abundantly for the hastening of the ‘faraj’ (the Imam’s reappearance), because that very prayer is your relief,”(19) we confess that praying for you has not become a central focus of our daily concerns. In our forgetfulness, we overlook the profound truth that “the best of worship is actively anticipating for relief (the reappearance).”(4)

Regrettably, our supplications with mentions of you are often confined to specific moments, such as when invoking your special title, (_Al-Ghaem_). It is only during these instances that we remember, in your honour, to “stand up and ask Allah to hasten the reappearance.”(9) This realisation comes despite our knowledge that we “bear witness, our words reach your ear, and you see our position”(27) at all times.

Perhaps our hearts have not yet consistently achieved the level of “sincerity and obedience toward Allah, yearning for you like a bird yearning for its nest”(26). However, we recognise our reliance on your
guidance to “recognise our duties”(15) towards you, allowing us to savour the “sweet nectar of faith.” (15) Our desire is to relish the sweetness of being with you, feeling your presence in our everyday lives.

We are mindful of your grandfather’s words, reassuring us that when in need, we should “move our lips”(28) in supplication, for the answer will reach us(28). Bearing witness to this, we have indeed moved our lips and raised our hands, earnestly seeking your divine assistance to reveal our duties towards you. We understand the impossibility of fully accomplishing these duties, but we take pride in having a most compassionate and caring father like you. Thus, we implore you to guide us and extend your helping hand.

Dear Esteemed Reader, kindly take note of the following:

Exploring the depths of our duties toward our Imam would require extensive textbooks and much time, with the likelihood of failing to fully comprehend all aspects. Numerous books in various languages delve into this topic. However, here in Sileh, we invite you to embark on a practical journey that you can start from today:

    1. Praying for the Health and Reappearance of our Imam: In collaboration with all Sileh members, we have developed a bot to collectively recite two pages of the Holy Qur’an every day. The goal is that the combination of these daily recitations from group members will form the complete recitation of the Qur’an each day. The intention behind this effort is to pray for the health and reappearance of our Imam.
    2. Sileh Reminder System: Due to the profound emphasis placed on Sileh in various teachings from the infallibles(1),(20), the Sileh team has implemented a reminder system aimed at revitalizing this virtuous act. By joining this system, you will receive regular reminders at your chosen weekly or monthly intervals, prompting you to allocate your Sileh—a generous gift from your possessions to your Imam. The way you choose to utilise this contribution is entirely of your choosing. Whether dedicating it to a small or large project that brings joy to your benevolent leader, the decision rests in your hands. For those who may struggle to consistently identify a suitable project, there is an opportunity to contribute to our ongoing collective initiatives. Simply scan the barcode provided to explore a list of our previous projects and gather more information about this meaningful initiative. You can become part of the Sileh reminder system by messaging the Sileh assistant on Telegram (@Sileh_Assistant) or via email at

May Allah grant us the privilege to serve our Imam continuously, and may his reappearance be hastened.

Sileh Team

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