O: Oasis – Alphabet of Friendship

Detach from this deceptive world.
He is the answer.
Look deep within your truth.
The oblation is your entire being.
The roots of your strength lie beneath the weeds of your soul.Dig deeper.
Revive the seed of serenity He has planted within you.
The oasis to douse your thirst for peace.
Break through the fragile glass,
for the steady hand of His Chief is awaiting yours.

Imam Ali al-Ridha (Peace be upon Him):
“The Imam is the pure water for the thirsty, and a guide of guidance, and saviour from evil.”

Al-Kafi; Al-Kulayni, Muhammad ibn Ya’qub, Volume 1, p. 199.

عَلیُّ بْنُ موسَی الرِّضا عليهما السلام

اَلاِمامُ اَلماء العَذبُ عَلَى الظماء و الدّالُّ عَلَى الهُدى وَ المُنجى مِنَ الرَّدى

الكافي؛ الكليني، محمد بن يعقوب (ط- العلوم الإسلامية)، الجزء ۱، صفحه۱۹۹



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