H: Honour – Alphabet of Friendship

The sun,
The moon,
And all the planets;
They gather themselves each day in procession for a love so celestial the heavens look down in awe.
I hear them whisper prayers foreign to my ears:”Fortunate are those who rise in honour of his name,
How much of ourselves we would give for this blessing,” they proclaim.

Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (peace be upon him):
“He experiences a lengthy occultation, and out of profound compassion for his beloved [Shi’a], he looks upon those who call him by this title (_Al-Ghaem_), which reflects his grandeur and authority and conveys the sorrow of his current seclusion. In his honour, his humble servants rise for their master when their majesty gazes upon them with his noble eyes. Therefore, stand up and ask Allah to hasten his reappearance.”

Mustadrak Safinat al-Bihar; Namazi, Sheikh Ali, Volume 8, p. 629.

جعفر بن محمد الصادق عليهما السلام

أنّ له غيبة طولانية، و من شدّة الرأفة إلى أحبّته ينظر إلى كلّ من يذكره بهذا اللقب المشعر بدولته و الحسرة بغربته، و من تعظيمه أن يقوم العبد الخاضع لصاحبه عند نظر المولى الجليل إليه بعينه الشريفة، فليقم و ليطلب من اللّه جل ذكره تعجيل فرجه

مستدرك سفينة البحار؛ نمازی، الشیخ علی (مؤسسة النشر الاسلامي)، الجزء ٨، صفحة ٦٢٩



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