22- Then, she May Allah hasten His reappearance turned to the people in the assembly and said to all the Mohājirs, and Ansārs:


ثُمَّ الْتَفَتَتْ عليهاالسلام اِلىٰ أَهْلِ الْمَجْلِسِ وَ قالَتْ لِجَمِيعِ الْمُهاجِرِينَ وَ الْاَنْصارِ


23- And you, the servants of Allah, are the bearers of His commands and prohibitions, the carriers of His religion and revelation, the trustees of Allah with the guardianship of yourselves, and conveyer of the divine laws to other nations around you, the Leader of the Truth (Ali) is among you, the one to whom you have pledged allegiance.


. وَ اَنْتُمْ، عِبادَ اللّهِ، نَصْبُ أَمْرِهِ وَ نَهْيِهِ، وَ حَمَلَةُ دِينِهِ وَ وَحْيِهِ، وَ أُمَناءُ اللّهِ عَلىٰ اَنْفُسِكُمْ، وَ بُلَغاؤُهُ اِلَى الْأُمَمِ حَوْلَكُمْ، زَعِيمُ حَقٍّ لِلّهِ فِيكُمْ، وَ عَهْدٌ قَدَّمَهُ اِلَيْكُمْ.


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