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For the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, similar to last year, we are sacrificing sheep during Eid al-Adha up to Eid al-Ghadir with prayers for the health of Imam Mahdi May Allah hasten His reappearance . The meat of sacrificial sheep is packed and prepared to be consumed as a hot meal during Eid al-Ghadir and is distributed to those in deprived areas as the reward of feeding the needy during these holy days is significant.

Imam Sadiq May Allah hasten His reappearance famously narrated: “Giving food [on the day of Ghadir] is like giving food to all the prophets and righteous people”
Al-Wasa’il al-Shiah, vol. 10.

Donations to sacrifice sheep and feed those in need until Eid al-Ghadir are welcome. As always once the project is completed, a report and pictures will be sent out.

Please make sure to write the word “Qurbani” in the payment reference otherwise the money will go towards this month’s allocated project.

Thank you for getting involved and may you be blessed by Imam Mahdi’s prayers May Allah hasten His reappearance .

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