This Campaign has ended. No more donations can be made.


The Sileh project for June 2020 aims to create jobs for families in deprived areas of Kerman.

The process involves giving them business ideas to make a home-based poultry farm and provide a family with the necessary equipment and fund so they can build up their own business and make a living for themselves.

It is expected that, after the first year, each family will be able to help a second family to start the same business. As a result of this investment, we hope to be able to help many families over the years.

InshaAllah, through helping others, we can work towards pleasing the Imam of our time May Allah hasten His reappearance .

If you would like to spend your Sileh on our projects you can fill our membership form. If you would like to participate in this project only you can use the donation button on this page. (Please, use the reference “June 2020”)

Considering the ongoing nature of this project over the future years, we will keep this project under our active project category for the next three months, so the possibility of contribution will remain open.


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