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DECEMBER 2023: Fatimiyah Feeding Project; Nourishing Bodies, Enriching Souls

Embrace Enlightenment and Compassion at Fatimiyah Gatherings: Where Knowledge Thrives and Charity Flourishes

Guided by the divine blessings of lady Fatimah May Allah hasten His reappearance , Fatimiyah meetings serve as a sanctuary to fortify our understanding and build immunity against uncertainties. Beyond intellectual growth, it’s an occasion to extend kindness by nourishing the less fortunate in disadvantaged and integrated areas.

This year, with the grace of Allah and the enduring blessings of our Martyred Mother, we aspire to feed 40,000 guests in need, marking a testament to the spirit of Fatimiyah assemblies.

Each food parcel, a symbol of generosity and sustenance, bears an average cost of $1.00 in the targeted area.

The overall estimated project cost is $40,000 and we invite you to contribute the amount of your choice. Your participation in the Fatimiyah feeding plan not only supports this noble cause but also grants you the reward of shared benevolence.

Join us in making a difference by participating in Fatimiyah’s feeding plan.

Your contribution echoes the spirit of love, knowledge, and compassion.

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