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Lord of the month of Ramadan, He who sent down the Qur’an in this holy month.

Peace and respect to you all.

With the help of Amir al-Muminin Ali ibn abi Talib (peace be upon him) we have the opportunity to provide food packages to deprived areas in the holy month of Ramadhan. Once again, your kind help can bring beautiful smiles to many faces.

Food support packages prepared for the deprived cost $20, and they contain:

Rice/Pasta, Noodles, Beans/Lentils, Oatmeal, Dates/Cheese, Sugar/Tea, Oil/Tomato Purée, Meat.

You may donate towards a portion or full price of one or multiple packages by using the links on this page. Please, use “food packages” as your reference in the check out.

Thank you, and may Allah reward you with the best in this life and hereafter, insha’Allah.

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