My Imam, My guiding star

My Imam my guiding star sleeping side lamp🌟

Feel free to watch the video step by step with the details


In each box you would have

* a base component
* 4 sticks component
* 2 side plates of my Imam my guiding star
* 2 side plates of the start
* A bit different plate which is used for the top
* Diffuser paper
* Super glue.

Step 1
Place the four sticks on the base plate.

Step 2
Make it stronger by using the supper glue to secure the base sticks.

Step 3
Use the paper diffuser on the Matched plates.

Step 4
Take two of the wall sides and stick them together, then place it on the base with the help of someone.

Step 5
Take the other two wall plates and secure it to the other side of the base.

Step 6
Now that you have all four side plates together, take a rubber band and secure it by placing it on top of the lamp. This way it’s easier to continue.

Step 7
Once you’re sure you’ve placed the plates in right order, go ahead and use the glue. Hold each part for 30 seconds once glued.

Step 8
The top base should be placed in a way that you can read the opposite. Put some glue on the bits of the lamp and just place this on. It should stick to it right away.